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Fishery day tickets

Day Ticket are no longer available.

Fishing only for guests staying on site, or season ticket holders.  Season tickets are £150.00 per annum and allow fishing on all ponds, A, B and D throughout the year with time restriction on Pond C due to accommodation.  For further details contact 01427 628240 or email .

Fishing accommodation

1. Rose - 2 bedroom Premier Plus Bankside
2. Daisy - 3 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
3. Poppy - 2 Bed Premier Bankside
4. The Lodge - 2 bedroom Luxury Lodge
5. Willow - 2 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
5a Kingfisher - 2 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
6. Elm - 2 Bed LuxuryTimber Bungalow with hot tub
7. Chestnut - 2 Bed LuxuryTimber Bungalow with hot tob
8. Ivy - 3 Bed Standard Courtyard
9. Pines - B & B Chalet Courtyard
10. Cedar - B & B Chalet Courtyard
11. Gooseberry - 3 bed Standard Courtyard


All four ponds are well stocked with a great variety of fish, including common carp, mirror carp, crucian carp, ghost carp, chub, barbel, golden and green tench, roach, rudd, perch, and bream. There are also some unusual varieties including Koi carp, golden and blue orfe, albino grass carp and some good quality goldfish and shubunkins.