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Pond map

Our ponds are well stocked with common, crucian, mirror and ghost Carp, Barbel, Roach, Chub, Perch, Hybrids, Green and Golden Tench, Golden Orfe, and even a few goldfish.

The plan shows the general layout of the four ponds A, B, C and D. All our accommodation is central heated. The two bedroom premier plus are shown as Pondside Holiday homes 1, 5 and 5a, the two bedroom premier is 3. The three bedroom premier plus bankside is 2, the three bedroom premier is 4. The three bedroom standard range caravans and the room only chalets are in a private courtyard just behind the bankside caravans and are numbered 8 and 11 for the caravans and 9 and 10 for the chalets, whilst the two bedroom Luxury bungalows with hot tubs are 6 & 7.

Pond A and B are connected by a channel therefore, they share water and fish. This enables angling clubs wishing to hire the ponds for matches to take either pond A or B or both depending on their size. The ladies and gents flush toilets are between pond B and C and are easily accessible from pond A.

Fishing Accommodation

1. Rose - 2 bedroom Premier Plus Bankside
2. Daisy - 3 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
3. Poppy - 2 Bed Premier Bankside
4. The Lodge - 2 bedroom Luxury Lodge
5. Willow - 2 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
5a Kingfisher - 2 Bed Premier Plus Bankside
6. Elm - 2 Bed Timber Bungalow with hot tub
7. Chestnut - 2 Bed Timber Bungalow with hot tub
8. Ivy - 3 Bed Standard Courtyard
9. Pines - Room only Chalet Courtyard
10. Cedar - Room only Chalet Courtyard
11. Gooseberry - 3 bed Standard Courtyard